Meet The Ghanaian Socialite & Entrepreneur

Meet The Ghanaian Socialite & Entrepreneur, Hajia4Real

She has moved from a social media celebrity with one of the biggest following to become an outstanding entrepreneur and owner of multiple businesses. She is a socialite considered to have quite an influence on the movers and shakers of the Ghanaian art space. Hajia4Real needs no introduction when it comes to showbiz in Ghana.



Born Mona Montrage over two decades ago in the Northern part of Ghanaian, Tamale, to be precise, she can be best described as a free spirited human being, an example of a happy soul who will not compromise on her happiness for anything on the planet, at least not for now or the immediate future.

About her family and childhood, Mona said “I am grateful for all the effort by my family in making me who I am today. My mother is a Ghanaian and my father is a Lebanese, born and raised in Ghana so technically I am certified Ghanaian. Growing up in Tamale with my parents and siblings was quite exciting for me. I had my elementary education in Tamale and came down to Accra for my high school education. I attended Labone Senior Secondary School where I studied General Arts”.

After Labone, Mona enrolled at the Art Institute of New York in the United States of America for her college education. “At the Art Institute of New York, I opted for a course I was very passionate about, that is fashion and design. Fashion is something that comes to  me effortlessly and I think I am a natural in that space. My mother tells me about how I was very particular about how I looked whenever she was going out with me when I was in elementary school. I can safely say fashion is my craze”.

About becoming a socialite, Mona recounted how she always made a fashion statement and made sure she wore the right attire which best matched her body. The good thing is I know myself and I know the kind of outfit that makes me standout. I try to be on point with the styles as well as the colours to any occasion. Soon, I was getting invitation to all the top events in town, be it for the music or movie industry or other corporate events. It appeared like I was everywhere because any outfit I wore to an event will be online with great comments and people will be looking out for…